How To Win Your Ex Back After You Cheated

09/05/2013 14:07

Having a girlfriend is one thing, being faithful to them is another. Cheating in a relationship is as old as mankind. The more the years move by, the sharper those who cheat become. It is made even worse by the small gadget called ‘mobile phone’. The moment you cheat, you lose your girlfriends trust. That however, does not mean that they will not take you back, they will, but it all depends on how convincing you are at your confession.

Remember, partners get over difficult circumstances like cheating than they do with say, bouncing a date. Your girlfriend can forgive you for having a fling with one of your colleagues, while she may not take it lightly if you promise to take her out then you miss to come pick her up. But it all depends on how to hendle    that situation. So, this is how to win your ex back after you cheated.

For starters, if she is not aware that you were having a fling, do not go telling her about it. Whatever one knows not, never hurt them any bit. At times a guy may feel guilty about having an affair, then blurts out to their girl about it. This is not too good. Even if you suspect your girl could be having a hint about it, do not let out until she literally confronts you with it. When she does, do not admit you have gone to the extent of going to bed. Girls will forgive you faster if they think it was just shared verbal emotions rather than going that extra mile. It will do on how to get your ex girlfriend back.

In the event that your girl has confronted you with the facts, admit it while maintaining that apologetic look. She will know you care the world about her and you are just so sorry. Let her get over it. Give her some time for the pain to thaw off, later, make it a point to send her a love message everyday even if she will not reply to them. You need to strategize on how to get back your ex, and do it fast.

After a considerable amount of time, attempt to call her. She may be adamant at receiving your calls at first. But persist. If she takes longer than you anticipated for her to be able to pick up your calls, take a break. During this break, she will miss your attention so much, she will imagine that your absence means you are back to the other girl. This will prompt her to find from her friends your where about. Make yourself available by frequenting those places she loved. If it is church, gym or a park, make an effort to be there. In all this, keep your distance. She will try her best to be near you.

When you see her trying too hard, that is the time to strike. Offer her a ride home. If she obliges, take this opportunity to apologize and make it brief. Do not rush to want more than is necessary at this instant. Just let it move slowly by slowly until she finally wins back your trust. Praise yourself for you have worked on how to get your ex back after you cheated.