Medium Length Hairstyles for Girls

18/08/2016 05:09

Naturally, a lot of females are born with medium length hair and they have learnt to embrace this special condition. Mid-length hairs are not even as appreciated by those who have them as they are by others who see them on people and fall in love instantly with them. They are a perfect balance between long and short hairs, this makes them largely preferred. Female celebrities with long hairs go all the way to reduce them to medium length and style them in ways you just have to look at them admiringly. As we go on, we will be learning about a few tips on trending hairstyles for medium length hair.

There are many modern day stylists who can give you the perfect and cute hairstyles according to your hair length, texture and even color. These hairstyles will definitely enhance your facial features and give you the edge over girls with long and short length hairs.

Shoulder-Length Blunt Bang

A super-hot hairstyle of medium length that gives one an amazing look. The bangs should be thick and should be cut when dry. If they are cut when wet, they would become shorter after drying up. They should be longer at the edges than through the middle. When all these styling procedures are adequately followed, your hairstyle will make your neighbors and colleagues appreciate your look.

Choppy Lob

It is also referred to as a chin-length undercut. The choppy lob is common among celebrities and if yours is properly styled, you will sure look like one. It can be worn wavy and air-dried or curled, whichever one you go for will leave you amazing.

Straight Hair

Medium length and straight hair? Then there is a style for you. You can naturally let the fall freely up to your shoulder length and trim the edges to make them balance and at the same level. This is a simple but very sleek hairstyle that can be worn casually.

Trendy Shag

This is a trendy, easily styled and casual hairstyle for medium length hair. It works on almost every hair texture and perfect for shoulder length hairs. It comes with a lot of layers and choppy ends. It looks best when it is dried and blown with a diffuser and styled with a molding gel.

Flaming Fringe

The flaming fringe can be perfectly styled by cutting it just few inches beyond the chin and allow it graze the shoulder freely. The chiseled layers are left around the face and the thick bang in the front rounds it up beautifully. A flat iron should be used on the hair to give it a sleek appearance. If your face is a little long, this is the type of hairstyle you will love.

Rounded Edge

A well layered simple but elegant hairstyle. The strands are segmented with the use of a round brush after the hair might have been dried. Cut the side bang at the eyebrow and leave thick. This helps give the face a framed shape. The bangs should be straightened out with the use of a flat iron and you are ready to rock your hairstyle.

Historical Places in Thailand

24/05/2016 01:22

Thailand is one of a fascinating in destinations in the world with its historical attractions. It is exquisite and enthralling for almost everything it has to offer to the tourists. Thailand packages ensure the backpackers a holiday with enchanting memories unlimited. Primarily, this Southeast Asian country is known for its immense natural beauty. But there is a lot more to what please the eyes. From fascinating temples to rich cultural heritages and throbbing adventures to rocking nightlife, Thailand has it all to enthrall its each and every visitor. Given below are must-see historical places and attractions of Thailand tourism.

The Grand Place, Bangkok:

This is one of the most recognized attractions in Thailand and is a must visit for every visitor. Artistic brilliance and amazing décor of this high place are sure to leave you stunned. History-lovers have a very special time here, getting enthralled by age-old relics and magnetizing structures at every step. It is a lovely experience to walk around its charming gardens. Artwork on walls and many sculptures are worth exploring.


Perhaps the most vibrant beach destination in Asia, Pattaya is where funs never end. This small, yet lovely city is about 140km from Bangkok, and is a must-visit attraction of Thailand, especially for fun-lovers. Nightlife in Pattaya has no upper limit and can be anything but dull. A large number of clubs, go-go bars, ladyboy shows and open-air theaters keep the visitors active till the wee-hours. Apart from that, Pattaya has three beautiful beaches offering a perfect blend of sea, sand and surf. Avoid visiting this place if you're in Thailand with family, especially kids.

Chiang Mai:

Founded in 1296 CE, this city has charms of its own. Historically rich and culturally astounding, Chiang Mai is nothing less spellbinding than the capital city Bangkok for culture-enthusiasts. Additionally, it is much greener and quitter than Bangkok, making it a favorite haunt of nature-lovers. Chiang Mai is surrounded by rolling hills which boast the best trekking in Thailand. A hiker gets to explore enchanting natural facets and interesting tribe cultures during his course. The Walled City is the major historical center of Chiang Mai while the Loi Kroh Rd serves as a delight for night-birdies.

Ko Samui:

An island in the Gulf of Thailand, Ko Samui is one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand. There are several beaches offer amazing scenery, enticing coral reefs and a heart-throbbing range of adventure sports to savor. The never ending greenery of coconut and fruit cultivation of the coastal lowlands and dense virgin forests is just hypnotic and is worth exploring for nature-loving souls. The Ang thong national Marine Park is a great place to explore enthralling aqua life and various water sports such as kayaking and snorkeling. Chaweng is the largest beach at the island, known for its thriving atmosphere and luxury comforts.


A paradise for lovers of nature and adventure, Phuket is among the most celebrated tourist destinations in Thailand. This place comes as a pleasing surprise for vacationers due to its sheer natural beauty and delightful water sports. The fascinating beaches like Bang Thao and Kamala remain bustling with tourists year-round. Phuket is the real pleasure for party-lovers.

Phang Nga Bay: One of the most visited tourist destination in Thailand with mesmerizing scenic beauty of Mother Nature, this island is shrouded with grottoes, limestones and age old caves.

Grand Palace: Located in the city of Bangkok, this walled complex has halls, pavilions, lavish gardens and wide courtyards, only to astonish the tourists with their mad made beauty.

Sukhothai: Well-preserved ruins in Sukhothai are the evidence of its rich past. The city was the capital of Thailand's first independent state, and that's why it has a lot about rich history and cultures of ancient eras. Sukhothai Historic Park is the major attraction for history-lovers. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it covers an area about 25 square miles filled with glorious temples, ruins, and monuments. Undoubtedly, tour to Sukhothai is a pleasant sojourn away from the bustling city life. Apart from that, a handful of boutiques here offer the visitors a delightful stay with loads of modern facilities.

Another fascinating historical place in Thailand to explore is Si Satchanalai. This rustic town is home to the Sawanworanayok National Museum, where you can find a collection of artifacts including ancient Buddha images. To look into the history of ceramic wares in the province, drop by the Sangkhalok Museum. Other places to consider visiting include the Celadon Kiln Site Study and Conservation Center and the Ramkhamhaeng National Museum.

The Colourful Life of Mickey Rourke

05/12/2015 10:16

Looking at Mickey Rourke's face today and about 20 years ago, it is difficult to reconcile the two. One is that of a handsome heart throb with just a hint of bad boy attitude. The other is an age battered face that has seen too many punches land on it. It is a face that tells you that I have been around for a while, endured some crazy stuff (botched surgery), am still here and will be here for a very long time no matter what the world throws at me.

Mickey Rourke and boxing

Well, that face really does tell the story of Mickey Rourke's life and career. Having come from a family with a history of physical abuse, Rourke started off as an amateur boxer to reclaim his pride and vent his anger. In fact he was so good at it that he has a record of 37 wins and three losses in years 1964 to 1973. He won 17 of those matches through a knock-out. In 1974, he was given a medical leave from boxing but decided to retire all together. He resumed boxing in 1991 but he was not as lucky as he was at a younger age; his career was not successful. He quit and went back to acting. Mickey Rourke made headlines in November 2014 when he returned to the ring to fight a man 30 years his junior! He won the match though his opponent came out later to say the match was fixed.

Mickey Rourke and his acting

Though he featured in different plays and films in the 1970's, it was not until his role in 1981 in the movie Body Heart that he received great attention. In 1986, Mickey Rourke was cast in Nine ½ weeks and this made him a sex symbol for a while. However, the more successful he became on-screen, the more difficult he became to work with. His temperament was a disaster and nobody wanted to work with him, this saw a decline in his popularity as an actor a move that saw him get back into boxing.

His personal life was becoming as bad as his acting life leading to a divorce in 1989 and another one in the 1990s (landed him in jail in assault charges). Starting in early 2000s, Mickey Rourke got a few breaks in good movies and slowly, his popularity began to rise. Some of his notable roles were in the movies such as The man of fire, Sin City, The Wrestler (won him a Golden Globe in 2008), The immortals, The expendables and Iron Man 2.

Mickey Rourke has had a dramatic career filled with interesting comebacks. However, He has managed to make a name for himself in the acting circles. He is currently scheduled to shoot four films namely:  Skin Traffik, War pigs, The effects of Blunt Force Trauma and Ashby.

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Looking Attractive at 50

30/09/2015 19:42

Aging is an eventuality that nobody can escape. In any case, hitting the 50 years mark is a blessing that you should not loathe! Certainly, there are challenges that come with each additional year you live and one of these is that of maintaining your attractiveness.
The bliss of youthfulness normally starts to fade significantly as you approach 35 years and once you hit 50, it becomes obvious that you have seen your most glorious years. Nevertheless, there are numerous women who look smashing even at 70 years of age and this should be the least of your worries. Just like you did during your heydays, you should know your strong points and focus on them. Definitely, you will not dress or use the same make-up that you applied as a 25 year old. All the same, you should strive to build on and flaunt your strong points albeit in a mature, age-appropriate way.
Dress right for your age and body size
You might not need to reveal too much cleavage even if you have a great bust, but this does not mean that you cannot flaunt it. Shop for clothing that brings grace to your age but still highlight the great parts of your body. This rule applies to men as well.
Take proper care of your body and skin
Even at 50 years, you still are what you eat. Eat a balanced diet, taking care to consume the right measure of proteins for your age. You might find it worthy to eat a lot more fruits and vegetables as they have a positive impact on your skin and general feeling of wellness.
As your skin is certainly wrinkling at this point, adopt routines such as exfoliation and moisturization to keep it looking soft and supple. Exercise should never be ignored either!
Go for plastic surgery if you need the extra help
While it is not advisable to go for too many of these routines, once you reach 50 years, you could opt for breast lift, Botox injections and liposuction once in a while. Remember to listen to your doctor’s advice before going for a procedure, though. Also, moderation is key otherwise an addiction to keep yourself looking young may have the very opposite effect. Visit this website to find info about celebrity plastic surgery.
Be graceful in your character, personality and mannerisms
Few people ever say this but a mature, likable attitude is almost half the journey to being attractive even as you age. Do not try too much to impress people even if you are a celebrity of you might just be labelled a big baby. Nevertheless, being bossy and acting like you know everything is one of the most unattractive qualities that could ruin it all for you.
Aging is a natural process and should be perceived as a challenge. Therefore, remember to take it all in your stride.
It is important to be realistic even as you seek to maintain your attractiveness as an aging individual. You will certainly not be as cute as you were in your teenage years even if you follow the above-given advice religiously. Nevertheless, you can bring an even more appealing individual if you appreciate who you are and try not to focus too much on your age!

How To Win Your Ex Back After You Cheated

09/05/2013 14:07

Having a girlfriend is one thing, being faithful to them is another. Cheating in a relationship is as old as mankind. The more the years move by, the sharper those who cheat become. It is made even worse by the small gadget called ‘mobile phone’. The moment you cheat, you lose your girlfriends trust. That however, does not mean that they will not take you back, they will, but it all depends on how convincing you are at your confession.

Remember, partners get over difficult circumstances like cheating than they do with say, bouncing a date. Your girlfriend can forgive you for having a fling with one of your colleagues, while she may not take it lightly if you promise to take her out then you miss to come pick her up. But it all depends on how to hendle    that situation. So, this is how to win your ex back after you cheated.

For starters, if she is not aware that you were having a fling, do not go telling her about it. Whatever one knows not, never hurt them any bit. At times a guy may feel guilty about having an affair, then blurts out to their girl about it. This is not too good. Even if you suspect your girl could be having a hint about it, do not let out until she literally confronts you with it. When she does, do not admit you have gone to the extent of going to bed. Girls will forgive you faster if they think it was just shared verbal emotions rather than going that extra mile. It will do on how to get your ex girlfriend back.

In the event that your girl has confronted you with the facts, admit it while maintaining that apologetic look. She will know you care the world about her and you are just so sorry. Let her get over it. Give her some time for the pain to thaw off, later, make it a point to send her a love message everyday even if she will not reply to them. You need to strategize on how to get back your ex, and do it fast.

After a considerable amount of time, attempt to call her. She may be adamant at receiving your calls at first. But persist. If she takes longer than you anticipated for her to be able to pick up your calls, take a break. During this break, she will miss your attention so much, she will imagine that your absence means you are back to the other girl. This will prompt her to find from her friends your where about. Make yourself available by frequenting those places she loved. If it is church, gym or a park, make an effort to be there. In all this, keep your distance. She will try her best to be near you.

When you see her trying too hard, that is the time to strike. Offer her a ride home. If she obliges, take this opportunity to apologize and make it brief. Do not rush to want more than is necessary at this instant. Just let it move slowly by slowly until she finally wins back your trust. Praise yourself for you have worked on how to get your ex back after you cheated.


How To Break Up With a Guy You Love

17/02/2013 00:24

Losing all your feelings for someone or you just needed a space not to be with this man are actually the reasons why breaking up between couples occurred. Basically, if your relationship goes south all the time and you cannot deal with it due to the incompatibilities from both side, then you should cut the relationships as soon as possible to prevent any further heart aches.

How To Break Up With a GuyBreaking up with a guy is actually harder than dealing with difficult relationships but you should know the best ways on how to do these things in an easier way without anger and blame.

1. Be sure that you really want the break up and not merely because of any influence of anger. Do not play games on your boyfriend’s feelings just to satisfy and boost your ego. My suggestion is that you should think once again so that you don't have to ask how to get your ex boyfriend back when he has a new girlfriend   in future. If you want a break up, stand for it and approach this guy.

2. Ask for a break up in a place without any audience to hear you. Breaking up in a private room may not really recommended due to the fact that men became defensive or aggressive and you do not want to have more problems during the break up.

3. Be honest and open on the reasons why you want a break up. Do not be angry but talk in a calm voice. Be gentle on your words because the tendency is, your boyfriend might become vulnerable and be blind to those reasons.

4. Be consistent. If your boyfriend do the pleading or begging, be sure that you are consistent with your words and actions on the break up. Do not let yourself be influenced with sadness or pity. Be firm in your decision.

5. Do not offer friendship. If you are on a fresh break up, friendship is not actually the best solution for both of you. Your ex boyfriend might see you as lover and treat you just like before and you do not want him to except for the things you cannot do or give in return. Walk away completely even if it is so painful. Time will heal and eventually, you will become friends on the right time.

Breaking up with a guy you love is not really easy. There will be blame, anger, and pain from the start but remember that these feelings will actually fade as the time passed by. More relationship advice can be found online. Check it out and be guided on the best tips from the love experts online.