The Colourful Life of Mickey Rourke

05/12/2015 10:16

Looking at Mickey Rourke's face today and about 20 years ago, it is difficult to reconcile the two. One is that of a handsome heart throb with just a hint of bad boy attitude. The other is an age battered face that has seen too many punches land on it. It is a face that tells you that I have been around for a while, endured some crazy stuff (botched surgery), am still here and will be here for a very long time no matter what the world throws at me.

Mickey Rourke and boxing

Well, that face really does tell the story of Mickey Rourke's life and career. Having come from a family with a history of physical abuse, Rourke started off as an amateur boxer to reclaim his pride and vent his anger. In fact he was so good at it that he has a record of 37 wins and three losses in years 1964 to 1973. He won 17 of those matches through a knock-out. In 1974, he was given a medical leave from boxing but decided to retire all together. He resumed boxing in 1991 but he was not as lucky as he was at a younger age; his career was not successful. He quit and went back to acting. Mickey Rourke made headlines in November 2014 when he returned to the ring to fight a man 30 years his junior! He won the match though his opponent came out later to say the match was fixed.

Mickey Rourke and his acting

Though he featured in different plays and films in the 1970's, it was not until his role in 1981 in the movie Body Heart that he received great attention. In 1986, Mickey Rourke was cast in Nine ½ weeks and this made him a sex symbol for a while. However, the more successful he became on-screen, the more difficult he became to work with. His temperament was a disaster and nobody wanted to work with him, this saw a decline in his popularity as an actor a move that saw him get back into boxing.

His personal life was becoming as bad as his acting life leading to a divorce in 1989 and another one in the 1990s (landed him in jail in assault charges). Starting in early 2000s, Mickey Rourke got a few breaks in good movies and slowly, his popularity began to rise. Some of his notable roles were in the movies such as The man of fire, Sin City, The Wrestler (won him a Golden Globe in 2008), The immortals, The expendables and Iron Man 2.

Mickey Rourke has had a dramatic career filled with interesting comebacks. However, He has managed to make a name for himself in the acting circles. He is currently scheduled to shoot four films namely:  Skin Traffik, War pigs, The effects of Blunt Force Trauma and Ashby.

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