How To Break Up With a Guy You Love

17/02/2013 00:24

Losing all your feelings for someone or you just needed a space not to be with this man are actually the reasons why breaking up between couples occurred. Basically, if your relationship goes south all the time and you cannot deal with it due to the incompatibilities from both side, then you should cut the relationships as soon as possible to prevent any further heart aches.

How To Break Up With a GuyBreaking up with a guy is actually harder than dealing with difficult relationships but you should know the best ways on how to do these things in an easier way without anger and blame.

1. Be sure that you really want the break up and not merely because of any influence of anger. Do not play games on your boyfriend’s feelings just to satisfy and boost your ego. My suggestion is that you should think once again so that you don't have to ask how to get your ex boyfriend back when he has a new girlfriend   in future. If you want a break up, stand for it and approach this guy.

2. Ask for a break up in a place without any audience to hear you. Breaking up in a private room may not really recommended due to the fact that men became defensive or aggressive and you do not want to have more problems during the break up.

3. Be honest and open on the reasons why you want a break up. Do not be angry but talk in a calm voice. Be gentle on your words because the tendency is, your boyfriend might become vulnerable and be blind to those reasons.

4. Be consistent. If your boyfriend do the pleading or begging, be sure that you are consistent with your words and actions on the break up. Do not let yourself be influenced with sadness or pity. Be firm in your decision.

5. Do not offer friendship. If you are on a fresh break up, friendship is not actually the best solution for both of you. Your ex boyfriend might see you as lover and treat you just like before and you do not want him to except for the things you cannot do or give in return. Walk away completely even if it is so painful. Time will heal and eventually, you will become friends on the right time.

Breaking up with a guy you love is not really easy. There will be blame, anger, and pain from the start but remember that these feelings will actually fade as the time passed by. More relationship advice can be found online. Check it out and be guided on the best tips from the love experts online.