Historical Places in Thailand

24/05/2016 01:22

Thailand is one of a fascinating in destinations in the world with its historical attractions. It is exquisite and enthralling for almost everything it has to offer to the tourists. Thailand packages ensure the backpackers a holiday with enchanting memories unlimited. Primarily, this Southeast Asian country is known for its immense natural beauty. But there is a lot more to what please the eyes. From fascinating temples to rich cultural heritages and throbbing adventures to rocking nightlife, Thailand has it all to enthrall its each and every visitor. Given below are must-see historical places and attractions of Thailand tourism.

The Grand Place, Bangkok:

This is one of the most recognized attractions in Thailand and is a must visit for every visitor. Artistic brilliance and amazing décor of this high place are sure to leave you stunned. History-lovers have a very special time here, getting enthralled by age-old relics and magnetizing structures at every step. It is a lovely experience to walk around its charming gardens. Artwork on walls and many sculptures are worth exploring.


Perhaps the most vibrant beach destination in Asia, Pattaya is where funs never end. This small, yet lovely city is about 140km from Bangkok, and is a must-visit attraction of Thailand, especially for fun-lovers. Nightlife in Pattaya has no upper limit and can be anything but dull. A large number of clubs, go-go bars, ladyboy shows and open-air theaters keep the visitors active till the wee-hours. Apart from that, Pattaya has three beautiful beaches offering a perfect blend of sea, sand and surf. Avoid visiting this place if you're in Thailand with family, especially kids.

Chiang Mai:

Founded in 1296 CE, this city has charms of its own. Historically rich and culturally astounding, Chiang Mai is nothing less spellbinding than the capital city Bangkok for culture-enthusiasts. Additionally, it is much greener and quitter than Bangkok, making it a favorite haunt of nature-lovers. Chiang Mai is surrounded by rolling hills which boast the best trekking in Thailand. A hiker gets to explore enchanting natural facets and interesting tribe cultures during his course. The Walled City is the major historical center of Chiang Mai while the Loi Kroh Rd serves as a delight for night-birdies.

Ko Samui:

An island in the Gulf of Thailand, Ko Samui is one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand. There are several beaches offer amazing scenery, enticing coral reefs and a heart-throbbing range of adventure sports to savor. The never ending greenery of coconut and fruit cultivation of the coastal lowlands and dense virgin forests is just hypnotic and is worth exploring for nature-loving souls. The Ang thong national Marine Park is a great place to explore enthralling aqua life and various water sports such as kayaking and snorkeling. Chaweng is the largest beach at the island, known for its thriving atmosphere and luxury comforts.


A paradise for lovers of nature and adventure, Phuket is among the most celebrated tourist destinations in Thailand. This place comes as a pleasing surprise for vacationers due to its sheer natural beauty and delightful water sports. The fascinating beaches like Bang Thao and Kamala remain bustling with tourists year-round. Phuket is the real pleasure for party-lovers.

Phang Nga Bay: One of the most visited tourist destination in Thailand with mesmerizing scenic beauty of Mother Nature, this island is shrouded with grottoes, limestones and age old caves.

Grand Palace: Located in the city of Bangkok, this walled complex has halls, pavilions, lavish gardens and wide courtyards, only to astonish the tourists with their mad made beauty.

Sukhothai: Well-preserved ruins in Sukhothai are the evidence of its rich past. The city was the capital of Thailand's first independent state, and that's why it has a lot about rich history and cultures of ancient eras. Sukhothai Historic Park is the major attraction for history-lovers. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it covers an area about 25 square miles filled with glorious temples, ruins, and monuments. Undoubtedly, tour to Sukhothai is a pleasant sojourn away from the bustling city life. Apart from that, a handful of boutiques here offer the visitors a delightful stay with loads of modern facilities.

Another fascinating historical place in Thailand to explore is Si Satchanalai. This rustic town is home to the Sawanworanayok National Museum, where you can find a collection of artifacts including ancient Buddha images. To look into the history of ceramic wares in the province, drop by the Sangkhalok Museum. Other places to consider visiting include the Celadon Kiln Site Study and Conservation Center and the Ramkhamhaeng National Museum.