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Medium Length Hairstyles for Girls

18/08/2016 05:09
Naturally, a lot of females are born with medium length hair and they have learnt to embrace this special condition. Mid-length hairs are not even as appreciated by those who have them as they are by others who see them on people and fall in love instantly with them. They are a perfect balance...

Historical Places in Thailand

24/05/2016 01:22
  Thailand is one of a fascinating in destinations in the world with its historical attractions. It is exquisite and enthralling for almost everything it has to offer to the tourists. Thailand packages ensure the backpackers a holiday with enchanting memories unlimited. Primarily, this...

The Colourful Life of Mickey Rourke

05/12/2015 10:16
Looking at Mickey Rourke's face today and about 20 years ago, it is difficult to reconcile the two. One is that of a handsome heart throb with just a hint of bad boy attitude. The other is an age battered face that has seen too many punches land on it. It is a face that tells you that I have been...

Looking Attractive at 50

30/09/2015 19:42
Aging is an eventuality that nobody can escape. In any case, hitting the 50 years mark is a blessing that you should not loathe! Certainly, there are challenges that come with each additional year you live and one of these is that of maintaining your attractiveness.   The bliss of...

How To Win Your Ex Back After You Cheated

09/05/2013 14:07
Having a girlfriend is one thing, being faithful to them is another. Cheating in a relationship is as old as mankind. The more the years move by, the sharper those who cheat become. It is made even worse by the small gadget called ‘mobile phone’. The moment you cheat, you lose your girlfriends...

How To Break Up With a Guy You Love

17/02/2013 00:24
Losing all your feelings for someone or you just needed a space not to be with this man are actually the reasons why breaking up between couples occurred. Basically, if your relationship goes south all the time and you cannot deal with it due to the incompatibilities from both side, then you should...
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